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RUSI Queensland


We believe that defence and security are important national interests. If Australia is not secure it is not sovereign. 

RUSI Queensland contributes to public awareness on these issues. It advocates for strong national security, including a credible defence presence in Queensland and the ability to operate effectively in the Indo-Pacific region, or domestically as necessary. RUSI Queensland supports deeper integration with Industry and strong international relationships. We provide an open source of government and community reference for these matters.

RUSI Queensland conducts independent research, public seminars and lectures focused on Australia’s strategic challenges and opportunities. We provide public comment where appropriate.


A respected institution that provides reliable and authoritative input to the public discourse on defence and national security


Contribute to the public discourse on defence and national security


Independence - we do not advocate for any partisan political interest

Objectivity - We analyse issues on their merits

Integrity - we canvass a wide spectrum of views

Quality - we strive for excellence

Teamwork - we work collegiately with each other and with our stakeholders

Respect - we appreciate the diverse Queensland, national and international communities

Strategic Objectives

 Deliver high quality speaker programs and seminars

Provide authoritative public commentary on relevant  issues

Develop a strong membership that reflects the community demographic and interests

Achieve cognitive diversity in our management and governance

Form mutually beneficial strategic alliances

Become self-sustaining financially

Demonstrate relevance to stakeholders

RUSIDSS-A Contact details:
Herbert (Mickey) Michaelis,                   Hon Secretary.                        

Queries on website and membership:

Mail address: 
CP3-1-155 PO Box 7912 CANBERRA BC ACT 2610. Telephone: 02 6266 3446.

Special Thanks: 
The RUSIDSS-A gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Defence for its continuing assistance.

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