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Royal United Service Institute

Queensland  Incorporated

Promoting Australia’s National Security & Defence

A Constituent Body of the Royal United Services Institute of Australia

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From 2012 till 2018 Brigadier Errington was Principal of the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies. This is the senior educational institution of the Australian Defence Force.   

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Royal United Service Institute Queensland Incorporated

Promoting Australia's National Security & Defence

A Constituent Body of the Royal United Services Institute of Australia

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NOTICE OF LECTURE 18THJULY 2018 @ 1145HRS Meet and Greet.

Most important!

Please note that this lecture is bound by Chatham House Rules!

TOPIC: Current and future threats to Australia’s National Security

We live in an increasingly complex and turbulent world. Our news cycle is dominated by stories of Jihadist terrorism and the corporate nature of Al Qaeda and its affiliates, trafficking oil, drugs and antiquities to fund its ambitions. 

All too often there are also stories of Australians who have been radicalised and pose a threat domestically and overseas. We also have concerns regarding our largest trading partner’s ambitions in our shared region and old and trusted allies appear to repudiate their leadership of alliances built up since WW2.

Another major concern is the hacking of highly sensitive and what should be secure data within our major Military, Government and Private Sectors. 

Against this backdrop, our guest speaker shall be highlighting some of the challenges confronting Australia’s future.

A list of those attending has to be provided to the lecturer 24hrs before the lecture. Please understand only those who have expressed their desire to attend by the RSVP date and time will be admitted to RUSI Hall. RSVP BY MIDDAY 16thJULY 2018.   

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Royal United Service Institute 

Queensland Incorporated 

Promoting Australia’s National Security & Defence 

A Constituent Body of the Royal United Services Institute of Australia  

ABN: 91 025 331 202 

Tel: (07) 3233 4420      Victoria Barracks                (07) 3233 4616 Brisbane QLD 4000 

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Associate Professor Sarah Percy 

Deputy Director Grad Centre (G&IA) 

School of Political Science and International Studies 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Dr of Philosophy, Oxford University 

Lecture topic, Piracy, Maritime Security, International Security and Mercenaries 

1145 hrs for 1200hrs 


Sarah Percy has three main research areas. She has a long-standing interest in unconventional combatants, and has published widely on mercenaries, private military companies, and pirates. 

Sarah is interested in issues of maritime security generally, including piracy and counter piracy, maritime crime, and the role of navies as security anchors. She also conducts research at the nexus between international relations and international law. Sarah is also interested in how and why the use of force is regulated, and the relationship between norms and international law. Sarah is also an experienced media commentator. 

PLEASE RSVP BY 18TH June 2018 @1700hrs 



Guest speaker: Air Commodore Kenneth Robinson, CSC

Commander Combat Support Group

Senior Australian Defence Force Officer – Amberley

1145 hrs for 1200hrs 


PLEASE RSVP BY 14THMay 2018 @1700hrs



Phone Richard Jeffreys OAM 0411 511 369 


Before joining the Air Force in 1989, Air Commodore Ken Robinson worked for five years in the private sector. Following initial officer training he was posted to No 114 Mobile Control and Reporting Unit (114MCRU) where Air Commodore Robinson deployed on numerous exercises throughout Northern and Western Australia as the adjutant of 114MCRU. Other posts that followed as a junior officer and Squadron Leader included that of recruitment officer, career manager, workforce planner and staff officer to Director General Personnel - Air Force. 

Air Commodore Robinson completed his MBA in 2001 and is also a graduate of the Australian Command and Staff Course (2004). He subsequently held command of No 28 Squadron throughout 2005. During this first command tour, Air Commodore Robinson was briefly assigned to the Military Justice Implementation Team. In 2006, Air Commodore Robinson was appointed Director of Personnel Reserves and, in the 2008 Australia Day Honours List, he was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross for his service as the Director. Air Commodore Robinson commenced his second command appointment in January 2009, as commanding officer of No 324 Combat Support Squadron (324CSS) at Butterworth, Malaysia—leading the logistic and administrative support to Australian Defence Force activities throughout South East Asia. 

During his three years in Malaysia, Air Commodore Robinson was force assigned to Joint Operations Command on four occasions as the national commander of the Army, Navy and Air Force elements participating in Five Power Defence Arrangements exercises in South East Asia. In November 2011, Air Commodore Robinson relinquished command of 324CSS to take up the appointment on promotion of Director of Coordination in Air Force Headquarters. In June 2013, Air Commodore Robinson deployed on Operation SLIPPER as the Chief of Staff within the national command headquarters of Joint Task Force 633. On completion of his deployment in January 2014, Air Commodore Robinson took up the appointment as Air Force’s Director of Personnel. In December 2016, Air Commodore Robinson was promoted to Air Commodore and became Commander Combat Support Group and is responsible for Air Force’s airbase operations and expeditionary combat support capabilities.

RUSIQ  Evening Lecture

Tuesday, 24 April 2018, 1800hrs,  RUSI Hall, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane

“The First World War German Tank Mephisto, and the 26thBattalion:

War, Technology and Remembrance”

The fascinating story of the evolution of Armoured Fighting Vehicles, prior to and during the First World War, and the use of “Tanks” by the Allies to try to break the stalemate on the Western Front.

At the capture of Villers-Bretonneaux on 24 April 1918, one of the successful German A7V tanks was “Mephisto”

Abandoned in a shell hole by its crew, it soon excited the interest of members of the 26thBatt AIF, who saw it as a worthy prize to take back to Australia. A complicated and dangerous “special operation” was successfully mounted to recover this unique “War Prize”

Almost 100 years later, Mephisto is one of our most unique reminders of the service and sacrifices of Australian troops on the Western Front.


Jeff Hopkins-Weise is a free lance historian and curator with a strong bent for military history. He is the author of several books on Australian and New Zealand military history.

Greg Czechura is a Senior Information Officer/Research Author at the Queensland Museum. He is best known for his work on natural history, especially birds, amphibians and reptiles. He is also keenly interested in military history.

Jeff and Greg are about to publish a “definitive” work on Mephisto; having previously written a Guide for the Queensland Museum, entitled: “A7V Mephisto: the last German First World War Tank.”   

To registerto attend this lecture, please phone  Mr Bob Hume  0409 49 82 11, or email to by close of business, Monday, 23 April 2018

Access to Victoria Barracks requires that all attendees be registered for the lecture and to have their names checked off a list at the entrance to RUSI Hall. Names will also be registered with Base Security

The costis $10.00 for RUSI Members; and $15.00 for non-members (which includes supper)

Please note: Registration is essential for Catering and Security purposes.


RUSIQ Evening Lecture

Tuesday, 6 February 2018, 1800hrs, RUSI Hall, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane

“Animals on War:
Since ancient times man has used animals to assist him in waging war.”

Most Australians are familiar with the contribution which horses made to our war effort, especially during World War I. But, can you name any other animals which played major roles in that conflict?

Our presenter, Mr Nigel Allsop, won’t be restricting himself to WWI, or to just Australia, he will be looking at the role of animals in warfare, (from insects to Elephants) throughout history. This promises to be a fascinating, informative and entertaining presentation, not to be missed.

Presenter: Mr Nigel Allsop is an acknowledged authority on animal behaviour and training. He has served on both the New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces (including deployments), in Zoos and Animal Parks throughout the world, and is currently serving in the Queensland Police Service Nigel is the author of seven acclaimed books on Animal behaviour, training and exploits. He is also the founder of Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation, which deserves a lecture in its own right!
To register to attend this lecture, please phone Mr Bob Hume 0409 49 82 11, or email to, by close of business, Monday, 05 February 2018

Access to Victoria Barracks requires that all attendees be registered for the lecture and to have their names checked off a list at the entrance to RUSI Hall. Names will also be registered with Base Security

The cost is $10.00 for RUSI Members; and $15.00 for non-members (which includes supper)
Please note: Registration is essential for Catering and Security purposes.