Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies Australia


    • 21 Mar 2019
    • 18:00 - 19:00
    • Spender Theatre, Australian Defence College, Weston Creek

    In our March event, we continue our exploration of capability issues with the Commandant of the Royal Military College of Australia, Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM, who will speak about a new body of work on leadership.

    The Australian Army’s approach to leadership has been developed over a long period and underpins its capability and reputation. But in a changing world, even highly successful models must be constantly tested and enhanced if they are to remain relevant. As part of his “Army in Motion” strategy, the Chief of Army has appointed the Commandant of RMC-A as Director Army Leadership and tasked him to review the Army's leadership development model, baseline its current effectiveness, benchmark its approach against other military and civilian organisations, and implement whatever measures are required to maintain excellence.  In this presentation, Brigadier Hoskin will outline progress to date and seek input from the audience, prior to a more formal exposition in a wider audience scheduled for July. This special USI event is a terrific opportunity for members and guests to inject their own experience into Army's thinking on this critical subject.

    The presentation will be held in the Spender Theatre at the Australian Defence College, Weston creek, on Thursday 21 March, commencing at 1800hrs.  Entry is free, but registration is required. You can register here or by contacting Mickey in our office (T: 02 6266 3446; E:

    Please join us in the ADC Mess for networking from 1700hrs.

    Members and guests are reminded that photo ID is required for access to the Weston Creek campus.

    (Bio: Hoskin; Photo: Defence)

    This event is proudly sponsored by PwC.

    • 11 Apr 2019
    • 18:00 - 19:00
    • Spender Theatre, Australian Defence College, Weston Creek

    The Leo Mahony Bursary is a significant element of the USI program. It is awarded annually to a doctoral scholar enrolled in an ACT university and studying in the field of national security and defence. It commemorates the memory and service of founding National Secretary of RUSI-A and long-time USI member and Counsellor, Mr Leo Mahony.

    Connecting recipients with USI members is an important element of the Bursary.  We achieve this in a number of ways: recipients are presented with their award at our Annual Members' Dinner; appointed Honorary members for 12 months; and invited to attend our events and functions. They are also asked to give a presentation on their work.

    The Council is delighted to announce that our 2018 Leo Mahony Bursary winner, Ms Natalie Sambhi, will give a presentation on her work in the Spender Theatre at the Australian Defence College, Weston Creek, on Thursday 11 April 2019, commencing at 1800 hours.  

    Natalie was the stand out candidate in a strong field. The judging panel described her thesis entitled "Military culture, collective memory and “defeat”: the legacies of East Timor for the Indonesian military” as highly innovative and potentially offering groundbreaking insights. 

    Attendance at this event is free, but registration is required.  You can register here, or by contacting Mickey in our office (T: 02 6266 3446; E:  

    Members and guests are reminded that photo ID is required for access to the Weston Creek campus.

    USI of the ACT provides the Leo Mahony Bursary with the support of Rolls Royce.

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    (Photo: Sambhi;  Bio: ANU)

    • 09 May 2019
    • 18:00 - 19:00
    • Spender Theatre, Australian Defence College Weston Creek
    • 112

    AM Leo Davies AO, CSC was appointed Chief of Air Force on 4 July 2015 and is scheduled to complete his appointment in July 2019. During his tenure, the Royal Australian Air Force has contributed significantly to combat operations in the Middle East and continued its trajectory of major modernisation, including taking delivery of the first Joint Strike Fighters. In this presentation, AM Davies will reflect on his time as a senior leader in the RAAF, including his time as Chief.

    The presentation will be held in the Spender Theatre at the Australian Defence College, Weston Creek, commencing at 1800 hours. Members and guests are invited to join us for networking in the ADC Mess from 1700 hours.

    Attendance at this event is free but registration is required. You can register here or by contacting Mickey in our office (T: 02 6266 3446; E:

    Members and guests are reminded that photo ID is required for access to the Weston Creek campus.

    The USI of the ACT speaker program is proudly sponsored by pwc.

    (Photo and bio: Defence)

Past events

20 Feb 2019 QLD: Luncheon Lecture Major General Maurie McNarn AO (Retd) "The Role of Intelligence in a Rapidly Changing Regional Security Environment"
07 Feb 2019 ACT: Vice Chief of the Defence Force, VADM David Johnston AO, RAN: Defence Capability
04 Feb 2019 SA: Jeremy Satchell - "Industry Capability Network" - Supporting Australian Defence Industry Growth
13 Dec 2018 ACT: 2018 Christmas Drinks
04 Dec 2018 ACT: 2018 ACT Blamey Oration: General John Allen AO (USMC, Retd)
21 Nov 2018 QLD: Luncheon Lecture - Terry McNally - An RN and RAN Veteran who served in the Falklands as a sailor
11 Nov 2018 Official Opening of the Refurbished Anzac Memorial
08 Nov 2018 ACT: Dr Tony Murney: Conflict Policing in Afghanistan: the Front-line Conundrum
08 Nov 2018 TAS: University of Tasmania - Remembrance Day Lecture Professor Stefan Petrow "From Academic Gown to Military Uniform: The University of Tasmania and World War I"
05 Nov 2018 SA: Luncheon Presentation - FLTLT David Hirst "Relevance of Gunboat Diplomacy in the 21st Century - Naval Power"
30 Oct 2018 NSW: Lecture - Protecting Australia's Trade Routes
18 Oct 2018 ACT: Ian Dudgeon: Trump's Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal: Winners and Losers
17 Oct 2018 QLD: Lunchtime Lecture - MAJGEN Stephen Porter AM "Transformation of the Army Reserve Moving Towards aTotal Force"
26 Sep 2018 ACT: 2018 Annual Members' Dinner: Mr Greg Moriarty, Secretary, Department of Defence
25 Sep 2018 SA: Dinner Briefing Invitation - AIRCDRE Joe Iervasi AM "Australian Air Warfare Centre"
25 Sep 2018 NSW: September Lunchtime Lecture - Jacqueline Westermann "Kremlin Looking East - Russia's interests in the Pacific
19 Sep 2018 QLD: Luncheon Lecture LTCOL Andrew Kirby " Future War; A Look at the Next Generation of Warfare"
06 Sep 2018 ACT: 2018 Annual General Meeting
03 Sep 2018 SA: Luncheon Presentation - Dr Romain Fathi "Understanding France in WWII"
22 Aug 2018 QLD: Lecture - Brigadier Ian Errington AM CSC (Retd) "Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies - Canberra"
14 Aug 2018 WA: Lecture - Brett Biddington AM "Space Developments inn Australia"
14 Aug 2018 WA: Special General Meeting
09 Aug 2018 ACT: Panel Discussion: Approaches to countering terrorism and radicalisation: theory and practice
06 Aug 2018 SA: Luncheon - Colonel Steve Larkins " The Battle of Le Hamel"
26 Jul 2018 WA: Lecture - Major James Cooper-Maitland - "Collective Training as a fundamental input to capability. Are we good enough?"
18 Jul 2018 QLD: Lecture Meet & Greet "Current and Future Threats to Australia's National Security"
12 Jul 2018 ACT: Brigadier Phil Winter AM, CSC and Invictus athletes: Raising the Invictus Games 2018 Australian Team
28 Jun 2018 ACT: Vice Admiral Ray Griggs AO, CSC, RAN: Reflections on working at the top table
20 Jun 2018 QLD: Luncheon Lecture - Associate Professor Sarah Percy "Piracy, Maritime Security, International Security and Mercenaries"
04 Jun 2018 SA: Luncheon Invitation - Mr Barry Patterson A/Director SA State Office DFAT " Australia's Foreign Policy White Paper"
31 May 2018 ACT: Mr Hamish Hansford, First Assistant Secretary National Security and Law Enforcement Policy: Home Affairs - the Department's Perspective
31 May 2018 VIC: Lunchtime Address - Professor Jeffrey V Rosenfeld AM OBE " The Future of Operational Health Support to the ADF: A Personal Perspective"
30 May 2018 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture - Speakers to be Advised - "4th International Diaolgue Managing Tensions in the South China Seas"
17 May 2018 WA: Evening Lecture - Colonel Raymond Powell " Future of Australian/United States Military Alliance "
16 May 2018 QLD: Lecture Notice AIRCDRE Kenneth Robinson CSC Commander Combat Support Group
03 May 2018 WA: Evening Lecture - Professor Peter Dean "MacArthur's Coalition: Australian and US Military Operations in the South West Pacific Area 1942-45"
01 May 2018 QLD: Evening Lecture AVM Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz OAM RFD MBBS FRACS Associate Professor University of Queensland "Tissue Reconstruction in War and Peace"
24 Apr 2018 QLD: Evening Lecture - Presenters Jeff Hopkins-Weise and Greg Czechura "The First World War German Tank Mephisto, and the 26th Battalion: War, Technology and Remembrance"
24 Apr 2018 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture - Allan Behm "Framing Foreign Policy in Times of Uncertainty"
19 Apr 2018 ACT: 2017 Leo Mahony Bursary Winner: Ms Deborah Jeppesen: "Are we Influential? Examining the attributes which make military advisors effective in Train Advise Assist roles"
18 Apr 2018 QLD: Lunchtime Lecture "Meet & Greet" Hon Cameron Dick and Trevor Evans MP
05 Apr 2018 ACT: AVM Tracy Smart AM: Working Title "ADF Health Support Arrangements in Peace and War"
29 Mar 2018 VIC: Lunchtime Address - Mr Kevin Wall, Vice President Land, Thales Group Australia & New Zealand - " Current and Future Prospects for Defence Industry in Victoria"
27 Mar 2018 WA: Dr Zubair Baig - Senior Lecturer of Cyber Security, ECU "Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security"
27 Mar 2018 NSW Lunchtime Lectures and Events - Deputy Commissioner Mandy Newton APM - Deputy Commissioner , Support of the Australian Border Force - "The Australian Border Force"
21 Mar 2018 QLD: Luncheon Lecture - LTCOL Stephen Jenkins DSM "The Australian Defence Force Building Partner Capacity : The Afghan National Army Officer Academy"
16 Mar 2018 NSW: Joint Presentation with Sydney Harbour Federation Trust - LTCOL Peter Sweeney RFD (Retd) "Japanese Attacks on Sydney Harbour 1942" and MAJ Chris Ballantyne (Retd) Tunnel Inspection of Historic Artillery Emplacements at Georges Heights"
15 Mar 2018 ACT: Professor Clive Williams: "The Battle of Marawi"
06 Mar 2018 QLD: Evening Lecture - Ms Vikki Bennett - "Never Forget Australia! The Little French Digger, one of six poignant stories from the upcoming documentary based on Vikki Bennett's recent book"
05 Mar 2018 SA: March Luncheon Speaker - Richard Price, CEO of Defence SA
27 Feb 2018 NSW: Lunchtime Lectures and Events - Professor James Curran - "Australia and Trump's America: Problems and Perspectives
21 Feb 2018 QLD: February Luncheon Lecture Guest Speaker - Rear Admiral Simon Cullen AM CSC RAN (Retd) - Chairman and National President Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
08 Feb 2018 ACT: Professor John Blaxland: "Home Sweet Home: A Critical Historical and Contemporary Perspective on the Emergence of the Department of Home Affairs"
06 Feb 2018 QLD: RUSIQ Evening Lecture by Mr Nigel Allsop - "Animals on War" Since ancient times man has used animals to assist him in waging war.
05 Feb 2018 SA: Invitation to Luncheon Event - Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP - "Strategic Focus on the South Pacific sea, air, land and space"
01 Feb 2018 SA: An Evening with Senator Rex Patrick
09 Dec 2017 SA: Sundowner Barbecue - C A N C E L L E D - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
04 Dec 2017 SA: Lunchtime Presentation - Rajiv Chand and Ian Gladstone - Dementia & Health "The Unspoken Impact on Command and Leadership"
30 Nov 2017 ACT: Christmas Drinks
30 Nov 2017 VIC: Lunchtime Address - Dr David Hunt - "Likely changes in US defense posture in the Asia/Pacific resulting from the appointment of President Trump
28 Nov 2017 QLD: Military Modelling Special Interest Group - "Diorama Unveiling" & End of Year Function
22 Nov 2017 ACT: 2017 ACT Blamey Oration: Stan McChrystal: Leading in Uncertainty
15 Nov 2017 QLD: Lunch Time Lecture - Commissioner Katarina Carroll APM - "Today's Fire and Emergency Services in QLD" - "Undder One banner a Last"
14 Nov 2017 QLD: Evening Lecture - "Railways in World War One" "One part in a much longer Australsian military railways journey."
06 Nov 2017 SA: November Luncheon Speaker - Phil Palmer, SA Secretary of the Ambulance Employees Association - "What it is to be a paramedic (Ambo) in South Australia, the challenges and rewards."
31 Oct 2017 QLD: Evening Lecture - "The Charge at Beersheba and its Context" - Presenter Capt Adele Catts
26 Oct 2017 ACT: Dr Tony Murney: Police Development Challenges in Afghanistan and Somalia: A Personal Perspective
18 Oct 2017 QLD: Captain Adele Catts - "The Australian Light Horse in WW I"
10 Oct 2017 QLD: "Say Farewell to the Beersheba Diorama" - Military Modelling Special Interest Group
09 Oct 2017 SA: October Luncheon Speaker - Senator Cory Bernardi, Senator for South Australia - "A Conservative's View of Defence."
05 Oct 2017 ACT: Dr Alan Ryan: The Australian Civil-Military Centre
21 Sep 2017 ACT: 2017 Annual Members' Dinner: Ms Kathryn Campbell CSC, Secretary of the Department of Human Services: Securing our systems and data
13 Sep 2017 QLD: CAPT David L O Hayward (Retd) - " The Sovereignty Dispute in the South China Sea, Economic Considerations for the Military & Economic Security of Australia"
07 Sep 2017 ACT: 2017 Annual General Meeting
05 Sep 2017 QLD: Diane Melloy - " The Boys of Brisbane Grammar School, Soldiers of the Queen and the King, to the Boer War and to the Great War."
04 Sep 2017 SA: September Luncheon Speaker - Dr Romain Fathi " A different perspective on the First World War: The Frence Experience."
23 Aug 2017 QLD: MAJ Matthew Marcinkewycz - The Modern IED Threat
22 Aug 2017 ACT: Conference: The Law of the Sea in the Asia Pacific Region: Opportunities, Threats and Challenges
10 Aug 2017 ACT: Hon Dan Tehan MP: Cyber Security
07 Aug 2017 SA: August Luncheon
01 Aug 2017 QLD: 2017 LTCOL Rick Maher: "Gallantry -v- Leadership"
13 Jul 2017 ACT: Mr Scott Dewar, First Assistant Secretary International Policy, Department of Defence
03 Jul 2017 SA: Luncheon Speaker July - Imam Mohammed Tawhidi - "The Danger to Australia posed by Muslim Extremists"
29 Jun 2017 ACT: Air Marshal Leo Davies AO, CSC, Chief of Air Force: The Royal Australian Air Force: The Next Three Years
05 Jun 2017 ACT: Major General Kath Toohey CSC, Head Land Capability: Looking Ahead: the Australian Army out to 2025
05 Jun 2017 SA: June Luncheon Speaker : Chen Yonglin, Former Chinese Diplomat : "Exposing the Chinese threat to Australia's Sovereignty"
11 May 2017 ACT: Commissioner Andrew Colvin, APM, OAM: Australian Federal Police Operations in the Near Region
05 May 2017 WA: Invitation to Notre Dame Book Launch - "1915: Australians at War and on the Home Front" Edited by Daniel Baldino and Mike Brennan
03 May 2017 ACT: Seminar on German Maritime Security and Operational Thinking: Prof Dr Michael Epkenhans & COL Dr Gerhard Gross
01 May 2017 SA: Senator Nick Xenophon - Luncheon Speaker 1 May 2017 “Addressing the Adequacy of Australia’s Defence & Security Systems” -
01 May 2017 SA: LATE NEWS - INVITATION to LUNCHEON with Senator Nick Xenophon Senator for South Australia and Martin Hamilton-Smith MP JP - South Australian Minister for Defence Industries
06 Apr 2017 ACT: Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN, Chief of Navy: The Royal Australian Navy: The Next Three Years
03 Apr 2017 SA: Jodie van Deventer- CEO Committee of Adelaide - "Future for Adelaide"
23 Mar 2017 ACT: 2016 Leo Mahony Bursary Winners: Mr Cameron Hawker and Major Leon Young
09 Mar 2017 ACT: Mr Graham Fletcher, First Assistant Secretary North Asia, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: A Focus on the Region - Australia and China: conflict of interests?
23 Feb 2017 ACT: Prof Clive Williams, MG: Lessons Learned from the Battle for Mosul
09 Feb 2017 ACT: Dr John Blaxland: Australia & Regional Security: The Challenge of being an Indo-Pacific Middle Power in the Age of Trump
06 Feb 2017 SA: Luncheon Presentation "Saudi Arabia - Defence Attache Report"
13 Dec 2016 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture Tuesday 13 December 2016
08 Dec 2016 WA: Energy Security in the Indo-Pacific Century - Mr Andrew Pickford
30 Nov 2016 ACT: Dr Stephan de Spiegeleire: Capability-based planning: How does force design take place and how is that translated into capabilities?
29 Nov 2016 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture Tuesday 29 November 2016
24 Nov 2016 ACT: 2016 Christmas Drinks
10 Nov 2016 WA: November 2016 Lecture
09 Nov 2016 ACT: 2016 Blamey Oration: The Dragon and the Snakes: Emerging and Future Security Threats in the Post-Cold War Order: Dr David Kilcullen
26 Oct 2016 SA: Current Issues Briefing - The Australian Air Campaign in the Middle East 2000-2016
25 Oct 2016 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture 25 October 2016
19 Oct 2016 WA: An Evening with Mr Bob Jensen Senior Managing Director Strat3 LLC
13 Oct 2016 ACT: Contestability in Defence - Opportunities and Challenges
26 Sep 2016 NSW: Military History Seminar
22 Sep 2016 ACT: 2016 Annual Members' Dinner
08 Sep 2016 ACT: Annual General Meeting
08 Sep 2016 ACT: General Jim Mattis USMC (Retd)
07 Sep 2016 ACT: Naval History Workshop
05 Sep 2016 SA: RUSI SA Luncheon
31 Aug 2016 ACT: History Seminar Series: Western Front: Fromelles/Pozières and Beyond
30 Aug 2016 NSW: Lunchtime Lecture The ADF Reserve Contribution to Australia’s defence
25 Aug 2016 WA: August 2016 Lecture Dr Leigh Straw - The Mental and Physical Scars of War
17 Aug 2016 ACT: Dusted Off with Brett Hunt
04 Aug 2016 ACT: Chief of Army - The Ryan Review
29 Jul 2016 ACT: An Evening Inspired by Bean
21 Jul 2016 ACT: Analysing the 2016 Defence White Paper
04 Jul 2016 SA: July Luncheon
09 Jun 2016 ACT: Order of Australia Association (ACT) 2016 ADF Oration
06 Jun 2016 Global Solution for Humanitarian Emergency Shelter and Storage
02 Jun 2016 ACT Lecture: Mr Bill Farmer AO
23 May 2016 RUSI of SA - Current Issues Briefing
11 May 2016 ACT Lecture: Mr Peter Baxter
30 Apr 2016 QLD Seminar Program
20 Apr 2016 QLD Lecture Program
22 Mar 2016 NSW - Speak, Time (Location)

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