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1st Australian Task Force in Vietnam

Presentation to USI of ACT on the role of the 1st Australian Task Force in Vietnam: A Quantitative, Spatial and Temporal Analysis. The study has reliance for past and ongoing conflicts.

JSF - Update

Air Commodore Roy McPhail, Director-General of the New Air Combat Capability spoke to the USI of ACT in Canberra on 2 May 2012 on the New Air Combat Capability being developed for the RAAF.

Discrimination & Non-Lethal Weapons

There are many situations where military personnel might want to have access to Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) where the distinction between combatants and non-combatants tends to be blurred. This presentation mad to the USI of ACT by Dr Stephen Coleman.

Afghanistani Perception on War on Terror

The Afghanistan High Commissioner to Australia spoke to the USI of ACT on "Afghanistan's Perception on War on Terror" in Canberra.

Indian Security Strategic Dilemmas

Dr Manoj Gupta of the Defence Science and Technology
Organisation spoke to the USI of ACT in Canberra on 5 September 2012 on the dilemmas facing Indian Security Strategic Planning.

The Future Of Australian Defence Industry

The USI of the ACT hosted a presentation by Mr. Michael Ward, Managing Director of Raytheon Australia. He spoke of the history of Defence Industry supporting the Department in the past, and provided some thought for the future.

Australian Civil-Military Centre

The USI of ACT hosted a presentation by Dr Alan Ryan who spoke of the Australian Civil-Military Centre! and the development of national civil-military capabilities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to conflicts and disasters overseas.

NP Ritchie address to National Council

National President VADM Chris Ritchie addressed the 2012 National Council at its annual Conference Dinner in Fremantle. He spoke of the part WA plays in the Defence of Australia, and provided some thoughts on the future challenges affecting RUSI.

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