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RUSI Queensland

Rules, By-Laws and Charter

These documents govern RUSI Queensland.

They contain the authorities necessary to to empower office bearers, detail compliance requirements and explain guidance for the good order and management of the Institute.

RUSI Queensland governance and compliance should be understood in the context of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies - Australia. 

The RUSI Queensland Strategic Planning documents are subordinate to, and must conform with, these rules, by-laws and the Charter.

RUSIQ Rules (to be posted)

RUSIQ By-Laws (to be posted)

RUSIQ Charter (to be posted)

RUSIDSS-A Contact details:
Herbert (Mickey) Michaelis,                   Hon Secretary.                        

Queries on website and membership:

Mail address: 
CP3-1-155 PO Box 7912 CANBERRA BC ACT 2610. Telephone: 02 6266 3446.

Special Thanks: 
The RUSIDSS-A gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Defence for its continuing assistance.

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