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This page gives access to selected videos from the RUSI of NSW's library collection - visit the library to see in full definition. A broadband connection is suggested to view smoothly.

  Sun Tzu to Giáp: GRAND masters of strategy

The January 2017 Lunchtime Lecture was a presentation Sun Tzu to Giáp: GRAND masters of strategy and their contemporary relevance by Dr David Leece Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security studies, New South Wales Special Interest Group on strategy.

CLICK HERE to download Masters of Strategy Reading List.

  A Lancer in Afghanistan

The December 2015 Lunchtime Lecture was a presentation by Brigadier Philip Bridie AM covering his time in Afghanistan in 2014.

 Dents in the Soul

This video is the result of a need identified by Army and supported by the Directorate of Mental Health for information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to be made readily available for Defence members and their families. If you are viewing by yourself it is suggested that you view it several times – watch it all the way through, think about the content, then viewing it again pausing or replaying segments as required to take on board the various views expressed. 31 Minutes.

 Greek Campaign 1941

Video of a lecture to the Institute on 29 April 2010 by Peter Ewer entitled "Forgotten ANZACs: the campaign in Greece, 1941" where he outlines the background to the ill-fated Greek campaign, describes some of the Corps’ major battles and details its eventual fate once withdrawal from Greece became inevitable. The video includes a question time by some who were in Greece in 1941. 48 minutes.

The Greek Campaign - 1941

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