Royal United Services Institute of Australia

United Services Institute of the Australian Capital Territory


USI of the ACT is an independent association incorporated in the ACT.  It is a member-based, non-profit educational institution governed by a Council drawn from its members.  The Institute is a founding member of RUSIDSS-A.  You can download our governing documents using the links below.

Constitution (as amended September 2016)

Strategic Plan 2016-2021.pdf

Council Charter

Membership Committee Charter & Terms of Reference

2018/19 Council Business Program

2017/18 Annual Report

Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting

Attendance at 2018 Annual General Meeting


F2 Investment Policy - October 2018

Contact details:
USI of the ACT is located in Canberra. For further information please contact:

LTCOL Richard Maurice
Secretary USI of the ACT Inc.
CP3-1-155 Campbell Park Office

(membership and all other)

Mail address: 
Australia Post Mail to:
CP3-1-155 PO Box 7912 CANBERRA BC ACT 2610

0410 496 721 Treasurer

for Membership Inquiries
0477 358 580 Secretary

Special Thanks: 
The RUSIDSS-A gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Defence for its continuing assistance.

Queries on website and membership: 
Our major sponsor, Rolls-Royce Australia, underwrites the production of this website.

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