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About RUSIDSS  Australia:


The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies - Australia (RUSIDSS-A) aims to provide and promote a professional and balanced informed debate to improve public awareness and understanding of defence and national security.

The Institute gratefully acknowledges the valued support received from the Department of Defence in its mission.

RUSIDSS-A Offices located at Defence

RUSIDSS-A and USI of the ACT Offices and Call Centre at Defence Campbell Park

RUSIDSS-A is a Company, whose Members are independently constituted Australian state and territory chapters, headquartered in Canberra, ACT. It is a non-profit organisation registered with the ACNC and is a Company limited by Guarantee managed by ACNC and ASIC. It provides educational, research and related services through its library services, website, journals and periodicals, regular presentations, conferences and seminars and visits to military installations. It has a long tradition of serving the community by promoting a better understanding of defence and national security.  This includes an understanding of Australian defence strategy, contemporary and historic conflict, developments in military science and technology and all aspects of defence and security as they relate to Australia now and into the future. It has several thousand members in all states and the ACT and include serving and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and other interested in defence and national security.

Membership is open to all who have an interest in national security and defence.  Members join one of the constituent Bodies, and can do so through this website, or directly with one of the state bodies.  State bodies conduct an extensive program of guest speaker presentations and other activities

Unites Service

United Service Goes National

United Service is now our National Journal, replacing the now defunct Journal of the Royal United Services Institute of Australia.

Initially, RUSI NSW will continue to manage, edit and publish United Service and will maintain the high standards inherent in publishing a professional journal. Over time, all State and Territory RUSIs will join a National Journal Policy Committee and submit articles for publication in United Service. DOWNLOAD  the first national edition of United Service.

Earlier editions of United Service can be accessed HERE.

The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria (RUSIV) is holding an endowed essay competition on the topic “Ethics for the Australian Defence Force”.

This annual essay competition, judged by an independent panel, is open to all Australian citizens. The prize is $2000. Entries are due by 30 November 2022.

RUSIV is a non-partisan apolitical body that aims to inform the public on defence and security issues.

Further details can be obtained from Bob Hart on

For the April 2022 Monthly Lecture, the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales is privileged to provide to our members, the people of Australia and those throughout the world who are interested with this rather excellent presentation by Major General Stephen Jobson, AM CSC. General Jobson, an ADFA graduate with combat experience in Afghanistan has commanded at all levels within the Australian Army Aviation Corps. He was recently appointed inaugural GOC Australian Army Aviation Command.

General Jobson gives us a great overview of Australian Army Aviation roles, equipment and how this supports the Army and nation. He pays particular attention to the soldiers; all of whom are specialists thus need comprehensive training and support to perform. He concludes by detailing initiatives to benefit from the incorporation of reservists, non-uniform specialists and the aviation industry in ensuring the Corps can deliver the best outcomes.

A long presentation that deserves more than one viewing to digest.

Due to the proximity to Anzac Day, this presentation was not delivered to our usual live audience at the Anzac Memorial, Sydney. The RUSI of NSW thanks General Jobson and his staff for taking the time to put the high quality presentation together for us.

RUSI Queensland April 2022 Lecture

The fall of the Afghan government: Lessons for peace diplomacy and security policy


Shuja Jamal Ahmad

Wednesday 20 April 2022-1200 for 1245 hrs


Australian Designed Prototype Attack Drone


 Access to ABC News Report

Access to Defense News Report


RUSIDSS-A is aware of an assertion that the report

‘Australian Defence Capability Analysis Project LAND 4504- ARH Replacement Program’ was commissioned by the Australian Defence Force. That allegation is incorrect. 

The Department of Defence / ADF had no involvementin the development of the report. Furthermore, the report only used open source material available to the public. RUSIDSS-A had final editorial control of the report and applied four independent reviews for accuracy and avoidance of unreasonable bias, while acknowledging that the report represents the views of the author. RUSIDSS-A aims to promote informed debate to improve public awareness and understanding of defence and national security. The report has certainly generated relevant debate and we welcome the provision of alternate views, such as that provided by AIRBUS below.