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About the RUSIDSS of Australia:

The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies - Australia (RUSIDSS-A) aims to promote informed debate to improve public awareness and understanding of defence and national security.

The Institute is grateful to receive funding and other valued support from the Department of Defence in this mission.  We also receive financial support from our National Sponsor Rolls-Royce.

RUSIDSS-A is a federation of independently constituted state and territory chapters, headquartered in Canberra, ACT. It is a non-profit organisation registered with the ACNC and is a Company limited by Guarantee managed by ACNC and ASIC. It provides educational, research and related services through its library services, website, journals and periodicals, regular presentations, conferences and seminars and visits to military installations. It has a long tradition of serving the community by promoting a better understanding of defence and national security.  This includes an understanding of Australian defence strategy, contemporary and historic conflict, developments in military science and technology and all aspects of defence and security as they relate to Australia now and into the future. It has several thousand members in all states and the ACT and include serving and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and other interested in defence and national security.

RUSIDSS-A State Members and Directors at the Annual General Meeting 2017

L-R Ian Errington AM CSC, Peter Mapp OAM, Paul Irving AM PSM, Anker Brodersen CSC, Rob Atkinson AM RFD, Peter McDermott AM CSC, Mike O'Brien CSC, Alec Young RFD, Simon Cullen AM CSC, Neil James, Graham Bentley AM, Dr John Bruni, Mike Brennan, Herbert Michaelis, Steve Meekin AM

Membership is open to all who have an interest in national security and defence.  Members join one of the constituent Bodies, and can do so through this website, or directly with one of the state bodies.  State bodies conduct an extensive program of guest speaker presentations and other activities.

National President's Message:

Rear Admiral Simon Cullen AM CSC (Retd)

As the National President, I am pleased to have this opportunity to share with you what I think has been a remarkable transformation in the national organisation that we once knew as the Royal United Services Institute of Australia.

After many years of discussion on the need to modernise RUSI to remain relevant to the world in which we now live, the seven State constituent bodies (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS and the ACT) agreed early last year to reform their national body.

It was further agreed that a new company be established, known as the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies – Australia, with a new Constitution.  The members of this new company are the seven State constituent bodies, represented by their presidents.

The company held its first Annual General Meeting on 23 September 2016 and an independent Board was elected and a reform agenda broadly agreed.  I was honoured to be elected as the first Chair of that Board.

It is important to note that NSW and the other six constituent bodies will continue to run their own program of activities as agreed by their Councils.  However, over time it is hoped that there will be a strengthening of the national body, which in turn will be in a better position to support the work of the State's constituent bodies.

As we move forward, we will seek to strengthen our relationship with the Department of Defence and other important organisations, so that we are better positioned to promote an improved understanding of defence and national security issues across Australia.

Our name change is specifically designed to reflect the enhanced role we wish to play in educating and informing the Australian public.

I am firmly of the belief that this is an exciting time for RUSIDSS-A and the Board is keen to bed down the new governance arrangements and set the company on a path to future success. We are using this national website to promote the organisations activities nation-wide and I strongly recommend and encourage its use.

I hope that members across Australia will embrace this change as we seek to ensure the organisation remains relevant, useful and interesting, and at the same time more attractive to our younger audience and sponsors.



RUSI of NSW Monthly Newsletter

RUSI of NSW generates a monthly Newsletter for RUSI NSW Members and non-members. We are now offering this to visitors to the national website. Back copies will be made available in the future. Contact 02 9393 2325/ for more information.

Click here to download a copy

RUSI of Queensland's "The Brisbane Line"

RUSI of Queensland publishes its magazine "The Brisbane Line" for their Members and Guests.

Brisbane Line Vol 5 Issue 4 December 2017

Brisbane Line Vol 5 Issue 3 September 2017

RUSI of SA Newsletter

RUSI of SA publishes and promotes National Security and Defence through its Newsletter "Sensor". Back copies are available by contacting the Editor.

RUSIDSS-SA Current Spring Newsletter

RUSI-SA Current Winter Newsletter

RUSI-SA Current Autumn Newsletter

RUSI of Tasmania's Gazette

RUSI of Tasmania issues the Gazette to inform Members and their guests of forthcoming events, presentations and Papers delivered at their functions. Please see below for their latest details.

RUSI Tasmania Gazette  Vol 1-2017

RUSI of Victoria Newsletter

RUSI of Victoria issues a Newsletter from time to time through their website. Their latest is located below.

RUSI of Victoria Newsletter Vol 16  issue 3 October 2017 

RUSI of Victoria Newsletter Vol 16 issue 2 June 2017

RUSI of Victoria Newsletter Vol 16 issue 1 March 2017

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